36North Bringing Guy Harvey to the Perfect Latitude

Want a special chance to meet Guy Harvey in a VIP setting? 36North and Perfect Latitude can make it happen at the North Carolina Seafood Festival.

After years of traveling the world, chasing place after place and event after event, 36North has returned home to its roots. But they aren’t coming alone. 36North is bringing Guy Harvey and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, bringing the Perfect Latitude back to where it all began!

Join us in capturing the mysterious and unknown in a setting that everyone can be a part of Saturday, October 6th, from 12-2pm at 36N, 413 Evans St. (next to The Sanitary Restaurant).

36North started right here on the Waterfront as a small gallery that went by “The Occhio Gallery,” featuring the artwork of Marc Montocchio. Since then they have taken the Perfect Latitude nationwide, bringing the unique and natural concept of living life to its fullest to crew members across the country. Now 36North is home, right back here in Morehead City! With their return,  they are proudly sponsoring one of Morehead City’s most exciting events, the North Carolina Seafood Festival.

The Perfect Latitude is more than just a place. It’s an idea that envelopes every part of daily life, an escape to something extraordinary within the ordinary. So in spirit of everything that is 36North, they have brought with them the celebrity artist and philanthropist Guy Harvey for a special VIP event and public signing.

To pay their respect to where everything began, 36North is promising to dedicate a portion of the proceeds from Guy Harvey’s visit back to the community, through the CMAST Association, helping to preserve and inspire the lifestyle that draws people across the eastern coast to Morehead City.

So remember 36North this year during Seafood Fest. Together, the Perfect Latitude and Guy Harvey will be teaming up to bring a broad selection of Guy Harvey and 36North apparel and accessories to people like yourself who are committed to chasing down that one location that inspires us to do everything we do in life, our Perfect Latitude.

So, you want a special chance to meet Guy Harvey in a VIP setting? Call the Gallery at 252-222-3355 to see if VIP tickets are still available for sale for our Friday night event with Cocktails and Appetizers.


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