Guy Harvey Research Institute in the Spotlight in Tonight’s Webcast of WPBT2’s “Tracking Tigers”

Expedition team members will be on live chat with fans during webcast

Tonight’s webcast of WPBT2‘s Changing Seas TV series will feature Guy Harvey and scientists from the Guy Harvey Research Institute. The episode, “Tracking Tigers“, tells the story of how the researchers use satellite tags and DNA forensic tools to better understand migrations of the magnificent tiger sharks and also investigate the impacts of the world’s shark fin trade on tiger shark populations.

“To come face to face with a predator as awe-inspiring as a 10 foot tiger shark is the experience of a lifetime.  We want our audience to see these animals through the eyes of the scientists studying them, so they can gain an appreciation for the animals.  It’s also important to raise awareness of the drastic decline of shark populations targeted by the fin trade,” says Series Producer Alexa Elliott.

During the web cast, viewers can participate in a live chat with some of the “Tracking Tigers” team, including Dr. Mahmood Shivji, world-renowned shark expert and Director of the GHRI, Dr. Brad Wetherbee from the U. of Rhode Island and the Changing Seas production team.

The live webcast and chat begins at 7:30PM EST. CLICK HERE to join. The “Tracking Tigers” episode will also air on WPBT2 on June 6th as the premiere episode in the new season of Changing Seas.


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