Report Says Great Whites Being Targeted for Fins and Jaws in Sea of Cortez

It appears that last month’s “surprise of a lifetime” catch of an enormous great white by two Mexican fisherman in the Sea of Cortez may not have been so surprising after all. Rather, if reports are correct, Mexican fisherman are actively seeking out great whites for their fins and jaws, and are scoring a nice payday for their efforts.

Noted Outdoors writer Pete Thomas recently published an article on that says Baja Life publisher Eric Cutter is reporting that at least 13 mature great whites were recently killed in the region. Thomas says this is particularly disturbing since great whites are “highly protected” in Mexico and “because portions of the Sea of Cortez are now recognized as important nursery areas for the species.”

According to the article, “Cutter said that fishermen north of Loreto intentionally target white sharks during the spring, when adult white sharks are presumed to be more common. They use baited hooks beneath air-filled barrels. Hooked white sharks eventually tire and drown before they’re taken ashore.” The fishermen are selling the jaws of the sharks for as much as $1,500 a set.

For more details, read the full article: “Fishing for Great White Sharks Alarming New Trend in Sea of Cortez”.


2 Responses to Report Says Great Whites Being Targeted for Fins and Jaws in Sea of Cortez

  1. No big news down here in Panama. The Chinese pay big money for shark fins of any kind!

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