Giant Whale Shark Hauled Ashore in Pakistan

This 40 ft. whale shark was brought ashore near Karachi, Pakistan.

A sad end for a very majestic creature. The video below showing a giant whale shark being hauled onto a dock near Karachi, Pakistan was posted to YouTube yesterday and was later picked up by major news media around the globe. The footage shows the fish, reported as being 40 feet long and six feet wide (about the size of a school bus), being lifted out of the water by as many as 5 cranes due to its massive size.

According to Mehmood Khan, the owner of Charai Fishery, the whale shark was spotted unconcious 10 days ago about 93 miles from his business before washing up dead near a jetty yesterday. However, experts think the fish was most likely killed after getting caught in fishing nets offshore.

A Pakistani newspaper reports that a group of locals bought the shark for about $2,200 to “reward” the fishermen who spent an entire day at sea. The men plan to keep the fish at the harbor for at least three days for public viewing, then will sell the meat to a poultry meal business.

Whale sharks are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.


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