Florida Fishing Academy Expands Outreach Program With $10,000 Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Grant

FFA Also Receives Three-Year Contract for a Community Boating Program in Riviera Beach

RIVIERA BEACH, FL—NOVEMBER 23, 2011—The Florida Fishing Academy, a non-profit created to teach at-risk youth both life and on-the-water skills, has received a major boost for 2012 from celebrated marine artist and conservationist Dr. Guy Harvey and a three-year, $30,000-a-year contract from the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation’s pledge to commit $10,000 to be used towards the purchase of kayaks, sailboats, snorkeling gear and other necessary equipment combined with the CRA’s contract will enable Captain Richard Brochu and his team of volunteers to bring the highly-praised youth boating program to Riviera Beach.  The program, which targets third-through-eleventh graders, will provide on-the-water instruction for boating safety, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and rowing.  Classes are anticipated to start in January.

Brochu, an experienced charter captain, got involved after discovering that Florida—though considered The Fishing Capital of the World—offered no school-affiliated fishing clubs. He started The Florida Fishing Academy in 2006, which to date has taught nearly 4,000 at-risk kids.  Classes target children attending Title I schools.

“This new equipment and contract from Riviera Beach will allow us to continue to grow and meet the needs of more at-risk children, said Brochu, whose curriculum incorporates 50% evidence based life skills along with specific hands-on sessions for on-the-water activities.  “No course is less than 10 sessions and we also incorporate an appreciation and understanding of the environment as part of the learning experience.”

Program supporter, The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, is dedicated to funding leading scientists as they develop new strategies for sensible fisheries management as well as educators, who will create novel instructional programs to stimulate future scientists and new stewards of the marine environment.

“The Florida Fishing Academy is one of the finest community outreach programs in the state and one of our Foundation’s favorite educational initiatives,” said Steve Stock, president of Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. “Our hope is that many of these young men and women will become stewards of the oceans and its wildlife and carry on the valuable lessons they learned with future generations.”

In addition to grants, sponsorships and donations, Brochu said The Academy raises money to support its programs through fishing charters, evening cruises, kayak tours, snorkeling and kids camps.  The Academy owns a sportfishing vessel providing fishing charters for up to 12 passengers.


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