The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Joins Jonathan Bird’s Blue World As an Underwriting Sponsor

DAVIE, FL— SEPTEMBER 9, 2011—Winner of three 2011 Emmy Awards, Jonathan Bird’s Blue World TV series has welcomed aboard celebrated marine artist, scientist and conservationist Guy Harvey for the show’s upcoming 3rd Season as an underwriting sponsor.

The sponsorship comes through The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), which funds inspired scientific research and innovative educational programs to encourage conservation and best management practices for sustainable marine environments.  There will be a 15 second underwriter’s credit at the beginning and ending of each episode.

Season 3 will begin airing in some markets this month and to ultimately air in 22% of the U.S. and in 16 states with half of the broadcasts on weekends and 24% in prime time.

“Jonathan Bird’s Blue World takes viewers on an adventurous exploration of the world’s oceans in a series the whole family will enjoy,” explains Harvey. “The series is also a valuable tool for science education. Because it is entertaining and educational, many teachers find it valuable to incorporate Blue World into their science curriculum. I’m pleased to support those efforts.”

Season three features the heartwarming story of Sully the Pilot Whale, the magical moment when coral spawns, surprise diving lessons and a Caribbean adventure for a 13 year old Blue World fan.  Viewers will meet Sea Lions, Humpback whales, bottom-dwelling sharks, blind cavefish, dolphins in Curaçao, sea snakes, sailfish and the Potato Cod. They will swim with Jonathan in the world’s largest Aquarium tank, and meet the always entertaining Diver Ed, who takes everyone diving in Maine without getting wet.

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World has aired continuously on public television stations in the United States since May 2008. Co-produced by Jonathan Bird Productions and Oceanic Research Group, the series has been shown over 8,500 times in 33 states to over 160 million potential viewers. Season 3 of the series is scheduled for release in August 2011. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD. Individual segments and educational materials for teachers are available at


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