Protect Billfish Today By Asking Your Congressman to Support the Billfish Conservation Act of 2011

It’s time to take marlin off the menu! The current consumer demand for marlin and other billfish has surpassed sustainable levels, and worldwide marlin populations are being decimated by commercial fishing. The time for action is now, so the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation has joined with the International Game Fish Association and the National Coalition for Marine Conservation to promote the “Take Marlin Off the Menu” initiative.

It is currently illegal to harvest or import Atlantic-caught billfish into the U.S., but fish caught in the Pacific Ocean flood into U.S. markets in substantial numbers, threatening the survival of these fisheries. The Billfish Conservation Act of 2011 (S. 1451 andH.R. 2706), introduced into Congress on July 29, would close U.S. commercial markets to Pacific billfish, preventing their sale and importation (excluding Hawaii and Pacific Insular Island Area). Click here for a fact sheet about the Billfish Conservation Act of 2011.

In short, this important bipartisan legislation will help restore billfish populations and improve recreational fishing opportunities while concurrently creating jobs and other economic benefits.

Click here to send a message to your Members of Congress today
asking them to support the Billfish Conservation Act of 2011.

It only takes a minute to voice your support today, and in order to ensure this important bill is passed, we need your help!. Thank you for taking the time to help conserve our nation’s invaluable fisheries resources for generations to come.

Why Take Marlin off the Menu?

Marlin populations throughout the world are being wiped out by commercial overfishing. Click here to read more about this and other reasons to join the campaign to Take Marlin off the Menu.

Concerned about the health of billfish fisheries, the IGFA and the National Coalition for Marine Conservation joined forces in 2008 to create the Take Marlin off the Menu campaign. In just two short years, the campaign gained the support of such luminaries as Wolfgang Puck and the Wegmans Supermarket chain – as well as the attention of U.S. policymakers. Their support hinged largely on an Economic Analysis of International Billfish Markets which shows that the economic value of the U.S. billfish trade is almost nil in relation to the rest of the U.S. commercial fishing industry.

Your support of the Billfish Conservation Act would close the U.S. to commercial billfish harvest, importation and sale. It would have a negligible impact on the commercial industry in the U.S. while helping increase the abundance of these important apex predators and also the value of the recreational fishery, which brings in billions of dollars annually but has a minimal impact on billfish populations.

Take action today to make sure that no billfish will end up in grocery store shelves or on restaurant menus again. Click here to voice your support for the Billfish Conservation Act of 2011!

Want to do more to protect billfish? You can make a gift to the Take Marlin off the Menu campaign in a few easy steps.

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