New documentary “This is Your Ocean: Sharks” Premiers Tonight at the Newport Beach Film Festival

New shark documentary stars Guy Harvey, Wyland, Jim Abernethy and Emma the Tiger Shark

Newport Beach, CA – Art, science, and a bond of trust fuse together to shatter public perception of sharks in a new documentary, This is Your Ocean: Sharks”. All barriers between people and sharks are removed in an effort to depict these animals in a new light. Narrated by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, this documentary takes you on an adventure with world renowned marine life artists Guy Harvey and Wyland, and shark expert Jim Abernethy.

The Newport Beach Film Festival will host the world premiere of “This is Your Ocean: Sharks” at 6:30 pm on April 29, 2011, at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach, CA. All three artists featured in this film are scheduled to be on hand for the opening.

(Watch a 3:00 minute trailer for This is Your Ocean: Sharks)

This is Your Ocean: Sharks” looks at the global plight of sharks and introduces the audience to a massive 14-foot tiger shark named Emma. Jim Abernethy’s connection and love for this animal plays a key role in the film, with never before seen footage that will have some revaluating their perception of sharks. “We can no longer look at sharks as monsters. My relationship with Emma hopefully dispels that misconception and reveals the truth about these awesome animals. It’s time to share this message with the world.”

The documentary features three talented artists whose unique perspective on conservation delivers an engaging message. For Wyland, working to save sharks is just an extension of the work he’s done with marine mammals. “By protecting sharks, by protecting the ocean, we protect ourselves. It’s that simple.”

Dr. Guy Harvey works to replace myth with fact everyday though the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. “Sharks are not eating us, we’re eating them. That’s the big overall picture and that needs to change.”

Emmy award-winning producer George C. Schellenger directed and produced this timely documentary. “The decisions we make right now determine the future of these animals and the future of our oceans. We’ve made a film that’s like nothing else you’ve seen. It’s the start of a new paradigm.”

The film mostly focuses on the Bahamas, but was shot in locations around the world. Captured on film by Shawn Heinrichs, the film depicts the massive harvesting and destruction of sharks, primarily driven by the global obsession with shark fin soup.

Ann Church, from the organization KIDS FIRST!, says it’s an adventure for the entire family. “Wyland has a way of connecting people with the sea, Dr. Harvey brings the science, and Jim Abernethy brings unprecedented first-hand knowledge of sharks along with a deep passion for these animals — plus how could you not fall in love with Emma?”

The film will be in the Eco Spotlight on Friday, April 29, 2011 at the Newport Beach Film Festival.


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