Guy Harvey and re:newal Team Up to Promote 100% Compostable Water Bottle

Guy Harvey and re:newal premium spring water are proud to offer a U.S. sourced premium spring water that uses a 100% plant-based compostable bottle.

Launched in February 2011, the Guy Harvey special edition re:newal premium spring water product will raise funds for ocean conservation programs by donating 10% of the proceeds from each bottle sold directly to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. The GHOF funds inspired scientific research and innovative educational programs to help ensure that future generations will enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced ocean ecosystem where fish and other marine wildlife flourish.

re:newal premium spring water packages pure spring water in a bottle made from plants, not petroleum. Most importantly, re:newal bottles offer more end-of-life options for consumers, who now have the ability to recycle, compost, incinerate or re-use their bottles.

To learn more about how traditional plastics are damaging the marine environment, read the special feature “Plastics: One Word/One World” in the brand new issue of Guy Harvey Magazine.


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