Maui Jim Launches New Guy Harvey Sunglasses Collection

Peoria, IL, February 12, 2011 –  Maui Jim, Inc., has launched a new collection of sunglasses inspired by the artwork of marine wildlife artist and conservationist, Guy Harvey. To debut the line, Maui Jim will offer fittings of these wearable pieces of art during the Miami International Boat Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center, February 17-21.  On Friday, February 18, Harvey will appear at 2 PM EST at Captain Harry’s (booth #2644) and afterwards at Guy Harvey Enterprises (booth #2700).

Click here to view The Guy Harvey Collection by Maui Jim

Guy Harvey is a world-renowned painter, underwater photographer, diver and marine biologist – a combination of expertise that allows him to capture the beauty of the sea in vivid detail and spectacular color. For the new collection, Maui Jim commissioned four of his works and translated them into the finest wearable art under the sun.

Scenes from Harvey’s most famous paintings are depicted on the frames and inner temples of the collection. The “Yellowfin” sunglasses feature a tuna hunting mackerel inside of each frame. The “Grander” shows a marlin breaking the water surface, capturing the thrill of big game fishing.  “Mahi Mahi” depicts a pair of dorado chasing baitfish.  The “Sailfish” style illustrates an iconic Guy Harvey sailfish design on full, wrap around frames. Each pair also features Harvey’s marlin line-art on the outside of each frame.

“Sunglasses should not only allow you to see better, but also help make a statement about your personal style,” said Linda Glassel, vice president of marketing for Maui Jim.  “Our love of the ocean runs deep at Maui Jim; and there’s no one who captures the undersea experience like Guy. Through our glasses, you can see through the water more clearly because our polarized lenses are the best at cutting glare. When you combine these lenses with frames that are literally wearable art, anyone who loves the sea will discover how special these glasses are.”

To support this new partnership with Guy Harvey, Maui Jim will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these sunglasses to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to fund ocean conservation research and educational programs that ensure future generations will benefit from a naturally balanced marine ecosystem.

“I’ve spent years advocating catch-and-release fishing for game fish and the conservation of all marine life,” says Harvey, who is a member of the International Game Fish Association Fishing Hall of Fame. “We started the Foundation to help scientists develop new strategies for sensible fisheries management and to help educators create novel instructional programs that stimulate future marine scientists. Having Maui Jim support our cause is amazing because they make some of the best sunglasses to wear on the water and that is where our message of conservation means the most.”

For more information on the collection, visit the Guy Harvey section of


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