SI Swimsuit Models Sport Guy Harvey Jewelry

Setting this year’s fashion standards for jewelry, swimsuits and accessories, the highly coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 landed on store shelves around the world today.

For the second year in a row, SI Swimsuit teams up with Guy Harvey Jewelry to accessorize their infamous bikini-clad supermodels with gold, diamonds and sterling silver. The appeal of Guy Harvey Jewelry to SI Swimsuit lies not only in its intricate design, but also in its philanthropic ties to marine life conservation.

While SI hand picks jewelry designers with mass appeal and strong business values, they also look for designers who support worthy causes like the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. A percentage of all profits generated from the sale of Guy Harvey merchandise funds the non-profit, international, public organization built on conserving marine environments.

The GHOF works to protect marine habitats and their species, create capacity building and increase ocean literacy. It also funds the Guy Harvey Research Institute which, most recently, has been credited with discovering the world’s first virgin birth by a shark.

Diane Smith, senior editor at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, remarks how “wonderful it is to have an effect on such a worthy cause.”

“Being chosen for the second year in a row as the SI Swimsuit jewelry designer is not only exciting, but it means we’ve gained respect as a brand,” states Margaret Fortescue, director of operations at Nautora. “We are family owned and operated, and have been in business all most 30 years.

Three years ago we saw a tremendous opportunity with nautical jewelry and launched our sister company Nautora. When Nautora became the exclusive jewelry designer for Guy Harvey Inc., it gave us a tremendous platform upon which to promote marine conservation, something we are very passionate about. Now, with the SI Swimsuit feature, we have a worldwide opportunity to spread the word about marine conservation. Philanthropy is, and always will be, our core element and main focus.”

Learn more about GH and the GHOF by visiting the GHJ web site, and get exclusive updates by “liking” GHJ on Facebook.

Check out the Guy Harvey Jewelry photo album!


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