New Guy Harvey “Catch Me…Release Me” License Plate Now Available in Florida

MIAMI, FL— FEBRUARY 10, 2011— With manatees, panthers and gators (as in the University of Florida variety) annually ranking as top selling specialty license plates in Florida, state anglers and marine conservationists can now rally behind a new ‘Catch Me… Release Me’ license plate designed by celebrated marine artist and conservationist Guy Harvey.

Proceeds from the specialty plate ($25 per tag) will benefit the marine conservation research and education work of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF).  The GHOF funds inspired scientific research and innovative educational programs to encourage conservation and best management practices for sustainable marine environments.

The license plate, which features an iconic Guy Harvey marlin design, will make its official marine industry debut next week at the Miami International Boat Show.  On display at the GHOF booth (#2639), the plate promotes catch and release fishing, a practice that helps ensure these magnificent fish will be around for futures generations to enjoy.

“A naturally balanced ocean ecosystem where fish and other marine wildlife flourish will benefit all Floridians, both anglers and non-anglers alike”, said Dr. Harvey.  “Now, in addition to having some beautiful artwork on their license plate, drivers can also help spread our message of practicing sustainable fishing and support all of our marine conservation work with proceeds from the plate. By purchasing my ‘Catch Me…Release Me’ license plate you are helping to save our seas!”

The ‘Catch Me…Release Me’ license plate is currently available to registered Florida drivers at all Florida DMV and the local tax collector’s offices. In 2009, the DMV distributed some $35 million to various organizations under the program. Of the 17 million cars registered in Florida, more than 1.4 million support a specialty license plate.


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