Bealls Department Stores, Inc. Donates $202,141 to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation!

Bealls Department Stores, Inc., has raised $202,141 and donated the funds to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) through its Save Our Gulf campaign.  The campaign was launched in July 2010 to raise funds for research about the devastating effects of the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico’s sea life and restore one of Florida’s most valuable resources.

Steve Knopik, CEO of Bealls; Steve Knapp, Bealls Sr VP & Chief Merchandising Officer; Bill Shedd, Pres. of AFTCO and Steve Stock, Pres. of Guy Harvey Inc. & the GHOF

Bealls’ exceeded its original goal to raise $150,000 by December 31, 2010 by 34 percent at the close of the campaign, and presented the check of more than $200,000 to GHOF representatives during an in-house ceremony.

“As many experts predicted months ago, and as Bealls firmly believes, last year’s oil spill is an ongoing issue that needs serious research and resolve in the immediate short-term,” said Mary Beth Fox, Vice President of Marketing for Bealls.  “The remaining oil is threatening the Gulf of Mexico’s fisheries and the diverse sea life under the water’s surface.  Our partnership with the GHOF will help fund efforts to research the long-term affects of the oil on the Gulf’s sea life that depend on those waters for feeding and spawning grounds to keep their species alive.”

In January 2011, researchers from the University of South Florida who are continually studying the oil spill found that oil is still lurking on the sea floor – and the plume has not diminished over time; it has grown since last examined1.

“Healthy oceans are essential for life on our planet, and the threat in the Gulf of Mexico is ongoing and very severe.  It is our collective responsibility to conserve the marine environment and maintain the biodiversity of the Gulf of Mexico,” said Guy Harvey.  “Through the support of the Foundation’s visionary friends, such as Bealls, leading scientists will develop new strategies to preserve the life that remains and restore the marine life that has been destroyed.”

Bealls raised the generous donation through several methods.  At the launch of the campaign, a two-day savings pass sale allowed Bealls’ customers to donate $3 to the GHOF and receive a 15-percent off discount savings pass.  Bealls also developed Save Our Gulf-branded campaign merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, bags, towels and other items, as well as campaign-branded t-shirts featuring Guy Harvey’s trademark designs.  Proceeds from the sale of Save Our Gulf-branded merchandise were included in the total donation to the GHOF.

“Bealls is a Florida store, and the Save Our Gulf campaign resonated with our customers and our employees, all of whom contributed greatly to the success of this campaign,” said Fox.  “We are thrilled with the response and outcome of the campaign throughout last year, and honored to maintain our continued partnership with Guy Harvey and his foundation.”

1 “The Search for BP’s Oil.” The Nation, January 13, 2011, by Naomi Klein.,0



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