GHOF Helps to Fund the Tag-A-Giant Foundation

One of the many worthwhile projects that the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation has supported is the Tag-A-Giant Foundation, which is an ongoing effort to tag bluefin tuna “to learn more about their migrations, behavior, and environmental preferences” in order to “promote a sustainable future” for the species. 

Bluefin stocks have been under incredible pressure from commerical fishing for some time, and now the bluefin’s breeding grounds in the Gulf of Mexico are potentially theatened by the BP oil spill. Continuing to study, track and report on this great fish is as crucial now as ever, so the funding of the TAG project is a priorty.

Dr. Barbara Block, one of the principals in the TAG Foundation, recently sent us an update from a tagging session off the coast of Nova Scotia

“The team has tagged over 20 large giants – many in the 1,000 lb. range – off Port Hood, Nova Scotia. The fish were outfitted with the Mk 10 Pop Up Satellite Tags, carefully positioned for a journey that might take these great fish to their natal spawning grounds in the Gulf of Mexico. One of these giants measured over 3 meters! A tuna that big is likely 1,300 lbs or more! That’s a smart bluefin. It has survived a lot of decisions, migrations, humans, and probably a few white shark and orca encounters, I suspect.”

For more incredible photos of the giant Atlantic bluefins, visit the “Portraits of the Deep” photo album on Facebook.



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