UPDATE IV: Grabbing Tigers By the Tail in Bermuda

Great news from Bermuda – several of the tiger sharks that were tagged as part of the 2009 Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Scientific Expedition are still reporting in via satellite – 13 months after they were tagged!  The satellite tags have lasted much longer than anticipated, making this one of the most successful shark tagging & tracking projects ever.

Due to the length of time we have been able to follow this group of sharks, we have been able to gain new insight into tiger shark migration patterns in the western Atlantic and Caribbean.

As the following tracking map for tiger shark “Correia” illustrates, a deliberate pattern of movement has been observed in all of the sharks, who seem to be following the same general path: from Bermuda to the Caribbean, then north again past Bermuda and into the Atlantic, and now back into the Caribbean around the Bahamas and Virgin Islands.

The track for tiger shark "Correia" shows how the Bermuda tiger sharks are traveling in a distinctive pattern.

We hope to further substantiate these patterns by tracking the new group of tigers that were tagged off Bermuda in July 2010.

So, our original question has evolved from “Where do the tiger sharks go?” to “Why do they go there”? Are they moving as water temps rise and fall, or do they follow prey as the smaller fish move? Are they migrating to and from mating/birthing area? Many questions still remain…



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