Bull Shark Tagged & Released at GHUSC

The Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge Grand Championship Finale begins tomorrow in Sarasota, FL. I will be on-site Friday and Saturday at the HQ of the Finale – the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. I hope all of you anglers and shark enthusiasts will make plans to attend.

I really love the format of this event. It’s a “no kill” tournament that goes one-step further by incorporating science and conservation into the mix. For example, when anglers catch certain shark species, a research team will use a high-speed boat to intercept the anglers as they are bringing in the shark. Once the competing anglers have been able to measure and score the shark, the researchers will attach a satellite tag and then release the shark.

ABOVE PHOTO: Mote Marine Laboratory scientists Bob Hueter (near) and Jack Morris (far) quickly work to finalize the tag’s attachment. Photo by John Tyminski – Mote Marine Laboratory.

During the qualifying round of the GHUSC, a team of researchers from the MML safely tagged and released an 8′ 2″, 400lb. female bull shark that was caught by Capts. Bucky Dennis and Jimmy Willis of Team Peter’s Restaurant. Tournament organizers Sean and Brooks Paxton (AKA “The Shark Brothers”) and Capt. Robert Moore captured some sensational video and still images of Bucky and Jimmy landing the shark and the MML researchers outfitting her with a satellite tag on her dorsal fin (expertly placed by Dr Bob. Hueter, Director of MML’s Center for Shark Research, and Dr. Jack Morris, MML Senior Biologist). Excellent work, gentlemen!

The migration patterns of the tagged bull shark, dubbed “Bucky’s Baby”, can be tracked online – just click here. The site also includes:

Great job, everyone – I look forward to a very successful and productive Grand Championship Finale!



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