2010 Cayman Islands Squash Open Logo

My family and I are avid squash players, so I am very excited about creating a custom design for use as the official logo of the 2010 Cayman Islands Squash Open. The design will appear on the official tournament merchandise, and all proceeds will benefit the Cayman Junior Squash program.

The 2010 Cayman Squash Open will bring this popular sport to the Cayman Islands in a dimension never previously experienced here. The use of glass courts sited at a beautiful waterfront setting at Camana Bay will revolutionize the spectator’s experience of this amazing sport. By having this wonderful facility, Cayman is poised to become a major player on the world stage of squash.

We have two years to get ready to host the World Open Squash Tournament. In the sport of squash, this is equivalent to hosting the World Cup or the Super Bowl. With Cayman’s outstanding facilities, hospitality and natural beauty, this is the ideal venue to host the most important event on the squash calendar.

Bringing this level of competition to Cayman on an annual basis will be very inspirational for our junior players and the junior squash program. Meeting world-class players, watching them play and experiencing expert instruction will help focus young minds on the desirable influences of competitive sport, particularly fitness, discipline and friendship.

For more information, visit the 2010 Cayman Islands Squash Open web site.



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