FFA Unveils GHOF-themed Boat

The Florida Fishing Academy, one of the finest community outreach programs in the state of Florida – and one of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation’s favorite educational initiatives – recently outfitted their vessel with the GHOF boat wrap.

The FFA, led by Capt. Richard Brochu, is an outstanding organization and the GHOF is proud to support their mission: to use fishing to teach valuable life lessons to young children and teens, particularly those deemed “at-risk”.

The basic premise of the program is to teach fishing skills to kids and then help them use fishing to create a positive experience that encourages a healthy, drug- and violence-free lifestyle and appreciation of Florida’s natural resources, while also serving as an introduction to a possible maritime career.

In addition to the GHOF, the FFA is supported by several well-known south Florida individuals and organizations, including the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Marlins and the Florida Panthers. Also lending a hand is former governor and Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis and his wife, Kitty. The pair will headline a major fundraiser for the FFA on April 29 at the City Fish Market Restaurant in Boca Raton. For more information, visit the FFA web site.

Thank you to the FFA staff for your vision, leadership and dedication – the GHOF is honored to be a part of your organization.



2 Responses to FFA Unveils GHOF-themed Boat

  1. Jeff Sullivan says:

    Dr. Harvey:

    I realized your dedication to youth when you remained after hours following a very long evening to talk with my son. Portraits of the Deep is his favorite book! It was indeed a pleasure to meet you in Gulf Shores, AL last summer.

    • Jeff Sullivan says:

      Thanks for your dedication to youth and remaining after hours in Orange Beach, AL to talk with my son. Portraits from the Deep is his favorite book.

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