Divers Save Starving Nurse Shark (with link to video)

Two south Florida divers performed a heroic feat this past week when they saved a starving nurse shark from a sure death. It’s an amazing story – and they have video to prove it.

Divers John Dickinson and Chip Garber were diving the wreck “The Princess Anne” off Palm Beach when they encountered a near-lifeless nurse shark with a frisbee-type ring around its head, which prevented the shark from feeding. Chip was able to approach the weakened shark and wrestle the ring off its head. The shark swam safely away and John and Chip got a new frisbee and one heck of a story – all caught on video. Good job, guys!

NOTE: As inspiring as this story is, I do NOT encourage anyone to ever touch, grab, hug or initiate a physical encounter of any kind with a shark – no matter how noble the reason.



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